The Author


I’m a freelance writer and yoga instructor, living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

No expert on happiness, am I. Just muddling along like everyone else, somedays loving the ride, other days half-dazed, staring up at the sky, wondering what’s taking so long and if we’re almost there yet.

When I’m not getting all cerebral, existentially confused or missing in action, I’m pretty well-adjusted and, well, yes, happy!

I didn’t know who I was – or what, more precisely – until I rolled out my first yoga mat in my mid-20s and found the courage to “grow up” and “be a writer” – or just “grow,” go up, write my heart out – and simply “be.”

Doing Downward Dogs and time spent with words don’t make me happy; they make me more me.

What makes you more you? Do tell. The energy of our light and passions, shared, brightens us all. It’s like sunlight on the soul.

Not looking for bliss 24-7. But you can’t win the lottery if you don’t at least show up and buy a ticket. Hate to gamble … but when you wake up one day to find yourself in the game, you might as well greet The Dealer, play your best hand, and see what happens.

~ Jenn


§ 4 Responses to The Author

  • Uhclem says:

    You’re looking great… and I love the thoughts on life. Great to see you blossoming!

    marm the merciless

  • Mei Shan says:

    What makes me more me:

    Leaving my nest and moving to Edmonton, leaving a long-term relationship, going back to school, choosing to adopt a vegetarian lifestyle, finding out that I can reuse my rice krispy box and voila! I have a garbage can, bagging up clothes, shoes, and etc…and giving them all away……and much more…this journey of authenticity has just begun and I already feel lighter, freer and happier!

    last thing, yoga has changed my life…literally!

  • tanyafrench says:

    To me, what you’re doing it inspirational I wish more people could also see the wood for the trees 🙂

    • Thanks Tanya! Glad u enjoy reading my blog. Writing helps me see the forest for the trees. Whenever I am lost I open my heart, uglinesa and all, and lay down words like breadcrumbs, and find my way home. I hate sticking to trails and getting lost must be a way that my Inner Guide tricks my ego into following!

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