Flowing with Flow

August 29, 2011 § Leave a comment

Among the 1000s of Ways to be Happy, here are a few – from my vacation, so far:

1. Dipping my newly pedi’d toes in mom & dad’s backyard fountain. Ahh, how cool water cleanses …

2. Photographing water bubbles, autumn leaves, swimming algae, rocks … and more rocks … on Lake Ontari-ari-o;

3. Hangin’ with a bunch of awesome ladies at The Canadian Cancer Society’s women’s cancers fund-raiser, Hope and the City, at Zu Bar in Burlington, ON;

4. Visiting my friends Bry & Carrie and their little sweet pea, Airlie Leah Jones:

5. Yoga on the rocks on the shores of downtown Oakville;

6. Afternoon patio lunch meeting with my friend and client, Rob Price, working on edits and ideas for his irreverent blog, Bob’s Etiquettes … to be published in book form in Summer of 2012! Seriously cool;

7. Downtown Oakville squirrels, shamelessly dining on Garbage Day detritus … ergo delights;

8. Blueberry Cheesecake French Toast Casserole. Found the sin-less little recipe in Clean Eating Magazine. It was love at first bite:

9. Family time with Rod, Dad, Suz, Mom – and Misha;

10. This beautiful day – may I flow with it, and be free from attachments, longing, and – always – loving. Grace first. No matter.

Epi-blog: Yoga Deck Play

11. Holy-sh%*-I-can-do-it!-asana … but how did my arms get sooooo much more tanned than my legs?!


Hit Meh

July 13, 2011 § 1 Comment


Hit 5,000 visitors to my blog last night.

There are not only 1000s of ways to be happy, it seems, there are also 1,000s of people looking for it.

Good on ya.

Thank you for dropping by my little corner of the universe now and again, and for being my cyber-sounding board.

Believe me, you, it’s saving a tonne on long-distance phone bills and insurance health claims.

As the experts say, it takes three weeks to form any new habit or dig a new groove. And it’s you who gets to decide whether to hone the ass-dent in your old, beaten couch, or train your brain in the applied arts of living well.

A television might entertain you … might make you laugh and make you cry … but nothing and no one can do the often joyous and painful work of making you happy.

So, Cowboy (or Cowgirl) up.

There are probably a kazillion worm-holes-to-happy in the blink of an eye.

Here’s what has tickled me a lovely summertime shade of flamingo pink in the past week. (Stay tuned for more):

Yoga Stagette?!

You heard me. I helped a group of girls Zen out, Saturday morning, as they geared up for a 24-hour Stagette Marathon. Here are a few memorable shots:

Substitute a bendy inflatable fiancé for a traveling lawn gnome, and you’ve got ridiculously funny postcards for years of marital blackmail and memories to come.

Kinky partner yoga can help build a resilient bond between (blow-up) lover and beloved. I facilitate this process. For deets, or to book a yoga stagette in Edmonton, contact me at 780-974-8401 or soulink@shaw.ca.

Face it, guys, we know why some of you do yoga. We love our Lululemon pants almost as much as you do;) Consider this little objectification party your karmic payback:

So, here’s my advice: find a little bit of happy in every day, in any way (that’s legal and doesn’t hurt your chances of getting into the Good Place… wherever that is for you.)

Happy isn’t in things, it’s in you! And if you need – or want  to toss around – ideas … just hit meh!

xo Jenn


July 4, 2011 § 2 Comments

I’ve been meaning to post this photo I took of a little yogini and her grandma at my Holy Trinity yoga class last Friday.

It’s so super-sweet.

Meet Abby, 5, and Janis, 61, hanging out in Child’s Pose (Balasana):

I’ve never seen a pint-sized person so quiet, focused and absorbed for so long (90 minutes!) … much less, on the mat!

A great reminder that, no matter our age, the child within is ever-present, ready and willing to share … if only we will grow silent, still, tune in, trust and listen – to the offerings of that under-rated timeless little game of Show ‘n’ Tell.

What is your heart whispering?


My friend, Ciara, however, topped my sweet charts last week when she gave me this amazing gift of a ceramic “Namaste” travel mug with spill-free Silicone lid.

Apparently, she was losing sleep over thoughts of me driving around all the time with an open mug of hot coffee, destined to one day scald me.

Sometimes we have to learn things the hard way; other times, we have great friends who make it their business to save us before the fact;)

I love her times a thousand icing-heaped cupcakes and steaming Americanos.


Sally Vaughan-Johnston is my former Sun editor from back in the newspaper days, when I used to work as a Lifestyles reporter … and sex columnist (gasp!) … for the Edmonton Sun.

A few years ago, she decided to follow her longtime dreams of becoming a chef and best-selling cookbook author. (Read her story, Best of Bridge, Baby!) Soon after, I also got antsy, jumped ship and went full lotus, baby – becoming a certified yoga instructor and freelance writer. It’s been all opening and unfurling ever since.

So, what’s my point?

This fall, Sally will be joining us at the Third Annual Fall Soul Yoga Retreat and I’m so excited that she will be channelling her exceptional culinary talents, skills and exuberance into creating the menus and soul food to inspire our transformational weekend of yoga, relaxation, play and pampering.

Stay tuned for my retreat posters around town – coming soon! Registration is now open. Deets here. Hope you’ll join us on the soul train, Sept 16-18.

Choo-choo. Choo.

Bubble girl

June 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

For the first time ever, I roamed the Super Flea Market this weekend.

I just love me a Saturday afternoon of sneezing and hacking through a musty maze of ecclectic booths in search of cheap things that speak to my mood and aesthetic.

I told the vendor who took this photo that his finger was in the way. He apologized for "wasting a picture." I told him he hadn't wasted anything, 'cause the camera's digital. He didn't reply. Too much time spent in flea markets, maybe?

I got six-for-five $1 records – Glen Campbell, John Denver, George Jones, The Charlie Daniels Band, Colin James Hay, Neil Sedaka. Ate a bowl of steaming poutine. Hemmed and hawed, bargained then bought an extraordinary lamp whose shaft is a near-naked statuesque hottie hoisting a bare buxom jeté-ing goddess up to a globe of light.

Most people would consider it tacky; I think. I have big plans for it … which may involve painting, crackling, antiquing, gilding, glazing and faux-finishing. But first I’ll hide it in my closet awhile, to avoid any flack.

Tonight it’s jogging pants, my duvet, tea, records … and a big bowl of popcorn that I don’t have to share. I don’t want to talk. I don’t want to pick myself up for anyone. I am taking my band-aids off to let the rawness breathe. In a minute, I’m even going offline.

Into my bubble.

I think, if I’m quiet, and just let things be, that the smiles and optimism will naturally rise again from inside.

When the well’s dry, it’s dry; and the drop is deep. Ain’t nothin’ you can do abowd it. Tether yourself. Sit in the shade, quietly, with your thirst. Don’t go running in the midday heat, and make things worse.

Dehydration can, allegedly, lead to illuminating visions … and death. So keep bottled water on hand to quell your sweet suffering, until your metaphorical well o’ joy spillith over again.

This being sad deal ain’t just leaving me parched; it’s digging a hole in my social life. Dear friends, don’t think me self-absorbed and aloof, for retreating to somewhere between here and China. Forgive me, but tonight I have another date with solitude.

I miss him; parts of him.

And those parts of me that fit like puzzle pieces with those parts of him, feel displaced, lost, somewhere on a pebbly road; shoeless; miles from the closest Payless.

But pesky blisters are actually a good thing. They are formed from lymphatic fluids to protect the skin beneath.

Just let the bubble be. Let it do its job. Roll with it.

“But it hurts,” my heart whimpers, child-like.

I tell it: “Roll, softly, anyway.”

Get real, get happy

June 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Today is official launch day for YegNews.Com.

YegNews is a new, “hyper-local” online newspaper created by my good friend, Scott McKeen, a veteran journalist who reported for Edmonton Journal for almost 25 years, and journalist-social media man Alain Saffel.

I am excited to be one of their contributors, writing on Mind-Body news and views, in the same spirit of these blog updates & ramblings. 1000 Ways to be Happy will not disappear. It has only just begun.

Please check out my first YegNews column, Get Real, Get Happy.

And have a glorious, sunshiny day!

My friend, Scott, of YegNews. He is so super-cool. Love the scooter and shoes.

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